How to make a gift or donation.

Many endowment gifts are in the form of assets either given currently or distributed as part of an estate plan. There are also deferred gift options, which will provide you with income during your lifetime. The following explains these and other options in more detail.

Appreciated Property

You may wish to give assets which have appreciated in value over the years, such as securities, real estate, collectibles, etc. These may include stocks, bonds, a home, a farm, or cabin, antiques, art, books, etc. The assets could be left in trust with the Knights of Columbus 745 for the benefit of the Endowment Fund.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Appreciated property such as securities or cash is transferred to a trust designated to the Knights of Columbus 745 for the benefit of Endowment Fund. During your lifetime, you choose a rate of return or a fixed dollar amount to be received as income to you. You may also designate one beneficiary to continue to receive this income. Upon death, the remaining assets in the trust benefit the Knights of Columbus 745 Endowment Fund.

Charitable Gift Annuities

This option is similar to a charitable remainder trust, but relies on a contract instead of a trust and your receive a fixed percentage of your original gift as income for life. The assets are left in trust with the Knights of Columbus 745 Endowment Fund.

Life Insurance Gifts

You may wish to name the Knights of Columbus 745 as the owner and sole beneficiary of a new or existing life insurance policy for the benefit of the Endowment Fund.

Life Estate Gifts

A life estate gift is similar to a gift of an appreciated residence, except that you continue to live in the home, farm, or vacation home during a specific period (usually your lifetime). The Knights of Columbus 745 is named the owner with the benefits going to the Endowment Fund.

Cash Gifts

This is one of the most standard and familiar ways to give. Simply write a check to: Knights of Columbus 745 Endowment Fund. Your contribution will be deposited directly into this Endowment Fund.
The Knights of Columbus objective is Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism.  Any contribution to assist the Knights of Columbus achieve there goals in providing good works is greatly appreciated by all.

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